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Terms of Use

This is all the boring stuff we need to have on here to tell you how you can use our website, and how you can't.

We would really prefer that you used this website and the fiction and materials pursuant thereto for the purposes of wanking (masturbating) unless there are, like, people around, in which case you should probably check that it would be okay with them first.

By signing up for an account, you agree to the following:

The stories and materials (such as graphics, logo, and images) are the property of and are not to be duplicated, copied, or otherwise stolen.  The authors and artists would like to be paid for their work, and not be ripped off.

Also, you must NOT show this material to anyone under the legal age of consent or who does not wish to view adult-oriented material.  It is also a violation of the Terms of Use to access this material from any location where said material would be considered obscene or in violation of community standards.  Use your own discretion, but we take no responsibility if your discretion sucks.

Fan works based on any characters herein should be forwarded to the authors for their enjoyment and the original source attributed with a link if possible.

Quotations from materials on this website and hotlinking to images are acceptable for purposes of review and agreed-upon publicity only. is the sole arbiter of this online community, and we reserve the right to cancel any accounts at any time without refund if said account is responsible for any Terms of Use violation or other abuses including, but not limited to: personal attacks, trolling, posting of malicious or disgusting links or unsolicited shots of your dong.