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The Black Enchantress
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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 15:04

Proserpina was the Grand Duchess of the glorious city-state of Tyras, wealthy and beloved.  Then, fifteen years ago, she was betrayed by her brother in law and exiled to a lonely, forgotten island, leaving behind her infant daughter to be raised by her enemy.

On that desolate island she found the remains of an ancient tower, guarded by a manlike brute, bereft since the death of his mistress, years before.  Within, she found an astonishing library of magic, and over many years she studied and learned all the secrets within.  She has spent her years in exile reading, and learning, and growing powerful in the dark arts.

Now, at last, a storm drives a ship onto her shore, and Proserpina has her chance.  Leaving behind her island, she will return to Tyras to take her revenge upon her enemies and find her daughter, lost in the city as she seeks to escape an arranged marriage.  All shall face the wrath of THE BLACK ENCHANTRESS.

So here we have the pitch for the next book, which I will need to start campaigning for in another week or so.  This one could be done as porn, or not.  I am leaning toward porn, but I'd like to know what you all think.  This will definitely be a darker, more serious book than Masks & Madams.  More like The Golden Mask, since it takes place in the same world.  Let me know your thoughts.
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