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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 20:29
I have decided I am going to do one of these for the major players, and thus help fill in for people the world of the book.  Here is part one - Proserpina herself.

Proserpina Nahia Avalari
, 37.  Born a Zaravian Countess, her father made a political marriage to the Aventi Duke Balovar Avalari of Castevano when she was 16.  Through his victory in the War of the Red Counts he moved into a prime position and became Grand Duke and ruler of Tyras.  When she was 19 Proserpina gave birth to a daughter and her only child, Mirelle.

When she was just 21 Balovar died at sea, and she was left to control the city-state on her own.  Unprepared for the responsibility, she turned to his younger brother Acton to assist her.  He pressed her to marry him, but she refused.  In answer, he plotted against her, and after a year as the dowager ruler, he deposed her.

Kidnapped in the night, she was smuggled away and put aboard a ship bound for Umashaya in the east, where she would be sold into servitude.  But fate intervened in the form of a terrible storm.  Instead of being sold into a seraglio, she was wrecked on an abandoned island, alone.

On that deserted piece of land, she found a ruined tower filled with books of magic, and over the years she studied even as she labored to survive.  Now she has become powerful, and when another ship is cast upon her shore, she knows her hour has come at last.

The campaign is off to a solid start, and we are already at 23% with lots of time to go.  Head on over and check it out!

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