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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Friday, 23 October 2015 18:46

Grand Duke Acton Boreas Avalari, 46.  Head of the Avalari House and the current ruler of Tyras.  Always the second son, given less than his favored brother.  Acton went away to the Crusade to seek a new land, and returned hardened and angry.  When his brother died he seized his chance, took over the House and proposed to marry his brother’s widow, who he had always coveted.  Refused, he turned to force, but rather than kill Proserpina he sent her away to be sold as a slave, to live on in humiliation.  He took her daughter, intending to marry her himself when she came of age.  But now the realm is in turmoil, and alliances have to be made or he may lose all he has.  Handsome, well-spoken, but with a temper, and a coldness underneath his civility.

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