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Shirda Shang Krull
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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Thursday, 11 February 2016 21:12

Shirda was born into the wealthy Krull House in the waning days of their power during the reign of House Darkier.  She was the daughter of the great war-hero Prince Xul Shang, born shortly after he was killed at the Battle of Azorra.

When her family’s fortunes declined with the rise of the Apollyon Empress, she was to be given in marriage to the wealthy Duke of Arkossa.  Instead she murdered him on their wedding night and fled.  Captured, she was taken and hidden by her own house, who announced her death.

Instead of death, Shirda was given to the Shang Master of Assassins for conditioning.  She was to be made into a living weapon to unleash against the Empress, but she escaped and came to Zor Prime, and now she hides her past and her crimes beneath the red cloak of an Imperial Guard.

Shirda is tall and almost spectrally thin, with intense eyes and the sculpted look of the old nobility.  She can seem unfeeling and cold to those who do not know her.  Her skill in combat appears almost supernatural.  She is utterly loyal to those she calls friends, and utterly dangerous to everyone else.


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