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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 14:12

Azera is nineteen, the only heir to the Kingdom of Umar. It was once a great realm, stretching from the city of Shamshar on the sea to the desert lands in the faraway south. She is the child of King Sharishkun VI by a concubine, and though he has tried to sire another heir, he has not succeeded.

Born an albino, Azera is thought by many to be accursed. She is white-skinned and pale-eyed, and she cannot see in bright light, using a veil when she must go out in the day. She is intelligent and learned, having spent much time in study of the history and lore of her home. The common people make signs against evil when her name is spoken, and many of them live in dread of the day when she is queen. She is thought to be a sorceress, though she is not.

More than anything, she wishes for the chance to prove to her father and the kingdom that she is capable. Her father did not take much part in her upbringing, and they are not close, but as the years pass, he has focused more and more attention on her as it becomes plain she may succeed him. A warrior king in his youth, Sharishkun has seen to it she is taught to ride, to shoot a bow, and to fight with a sword. She has done her best to learn, as she dreams of being a great queen

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