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Beauty and the Blade!
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Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Monday, 12 September 2016 14:42

The new campaign is off and running!  This will be a BDSM-flavored steampunk/dieselpunk take on Beauty and the Beast, behold:

Athena Leonidas lives a simple life in the countryside, far from the crowds and decadence of the city of Achillea. The daughter of a retired general, she has the status and freedom to pursue her passion for inventions and devices, and she doesn’t care if people think she is strange.

But then comes a day when the sky goes dark. Black warships descend like the night, capturing the city in the name of the legendary Tyrant, and when Athena’s father returns to Achillea to help defend it, he vanishes.

Athena travels to the city for news of her father, only to find him imprisoned and sentenced to die with the leaders of the resistance. Seeking his release, she confronts the terrible Beast – the monstrous minion of the Tyrant who led the attack and now controls the kingdom. He offers her a bargain: if she will be his slave, her father will be spared. Desperate, she agrees.

Fitted with a strange collar to make her obedient, she is subjected to the animalistic lusts of the conqueror. Yet, save for the collar, she is not restrained, and while she debases herself at his command, she manages to slip away to save those targeted for arrest and death. She masks her face and names herself the Rose as she fights the occupation with sword, pistol, and all her formidable intellect.

But time is running out. The Tyrant himself will soon arrive to inspect his new conquest, and when that day comes the streets will run with blood. Athena must find a way to free her country from the yoke of tyranny. She must find a way to kill the Beast.

But Athena has discovered something she never expected: within the monster is the heart of a man. She alone sees the humanity hidden beneath horns and claws. What does she feel for him? What does he feel for her? What will happen when the Tyrant arrives, and all must be laid bare and fought for—won or lost?

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