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Young Pirates of Distinction!
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Friday, 18 August 2017 14:27

New campaign is LIVE and KICKING!  Come and check it out!

Last Updated on Friday, 18 August 2017 14:28
The Longest Wait
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Monday, 05 June 2017 15:54

Four frigging years ago, we (when it was still a "we") offered art prints as part of the very first funding campaign for The Golden Mask.  After this long of a wait, I bet a lot of people assumed they would never come, but at last they are here.  Part of this delay was absolutely our fault and our ongoing cash flow problems.  But you would simply not believe the trials we went through to get these that were absolutely not our fault.  The problems we had with getting them scanned, ending up with us in the sketchy house of a guy who had turned his whole living room into an HD scan setup, and the problems getting both the files from him, and then the endless trouble we had getting a place that would print them for us at anything resembling a reasonable price.  The trevails of getting these prints done outlasted my frigging marriage, but here they are.  This week I will finally be packaging them up and sending them out.  Some people I will be contacting to verify that I have an updated address, so I do not ship the art into the void.  Every last bit of fulfillment will be sent out.  Every.  Last.  One.

Last Updated on Monday, 05 June 2017 15:54
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 19:14

Well, remember all my hollering about my campaign?  The book is done and here for purchase on Smashwords.  I found the downside of not posting on AE was that I had to work a lot faster, and I was under the gun to get this finished.  I am really pleased with how it came out, and I hope you are too.

If you supported the campaign, then you should have a notification with your coupon for the free download.  If you didn't get it for some reason, let me know and I will straighten that out!

The next book will be back here on Adventurotica, and I think you will like it, but that's not coming just yet.


Finish line!
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Sunday, 02 April 2017 23:22
Remember that the Kickstarter for Storm of Empire has less than 36 hours to go and still over $1,000 to make goal!  Don't leave me hanging!


Just a Reminder
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 18:51
The Kickstarter for Storm of Empire has just 6 days to go.  Come and help!

End of the Line
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Thursday, 23 March 2017 21:23
So that's it!  The last bonus scene from Beauty & the Blade is up and that story is told.  I had a great time working on this story, and I thank each and every person who contributed to make it a success.  I hope you enjoyed reading it.  Now it is complete, I should have the ebook out in a week or two, and then the print following on after that.  I am working hard to make sure the perks go out in a timely manner.

Right now, my current book campaign is slugging it out at 43% funded, with just 11 days left to goStorm of Empire may not be an Adventurotica book, but I am chugging away at it and I think it is going to be really good.  Please, if you can, go over there and back it so I can keep doing what I do.

Now, Storm of Empire is not going to post here, and so things will be kind of quiet on this website for a while.  Does that mean I am abandoning it?  Hell no.  I have more AE story ideas and I want to tell those stories too.  I just need a breather from the smut sometimes to come back to it fresh, and I will come back.

Thanks again to all my loyal readers.  Stick with me and I will stick with you!

Bonus Away!
Written by Paul D. Batteiger   
Sunday, 19 March 2017 21:32
First bonus scene is up, hope you like it.  Some non-con fun was requested between Xoros and a non-collared Athena.  Hot!

Reminder that there is just 2 weeks left on Storm of Empire and I NEED this campaign to make goal!  Come and help!

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