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If you have ever thought to yourself "where can I get a good Ebook with all the action and excitement of a mainstream novel but with the kind of hot sex you normally only see in porn?" Then you are in the right place. Here at Adventurotica we combine the tight plotting and great characters of a real novel with the kinds of sex you only wish you could see those characters have in a mainstream Ebook. Here we don't believe that porn has to be badly-written and dull, and that a tight, exciting story doesn't have to be sexless. When you buy an Adventurotica Ebook, you are not just buying an Ebook, you are buying a new kind of fiction - one that gives you exactly what you want to see. Our library is just getting started, and it gets bigger all the time. Here you will find serious stories by award-winning authors that never pull back when the action gets hot. We deal in Full Frontal Fiction - the kind that doesn't treat you like an idiot. And on top of ebooks, we update our ongoing serial novels three times a week without fail. That's almost a novel's worth of words a month, bringing you swordfights, airships, magic, and all the hot fucking we can cram in. Twice a week we also publish articles on topics like sexuality, pornography, sexism, writing erotica, and lots of other topics. Adventurotica is the place to get it all.

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