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All too often, Erotic Stories means slow, boring tales about nipple-gilding or some such bullshit. Here we do full-on action/adventure novels with all the hot sex you could ever want. Our online novels pack more sex and violence into them than anything you have ever seen before. Searing hot Erotic Stories with real characters, real plots, real drama, and sweaty, slippery fucking. Three times a week you get a new chapter in our current epic, as well as access to all our past works for just $5 a month. We're beyond just Erotic Stories here, we write Sex Epics with swordfights, cowboys, witches, demons, and steampunk zombies. Real novels by award-winning authors that never cut away when things start to get good. Adventurotica is a new frontier in online publishing and you should get in on it. Aside from novels, we also publish articles on topics like sexuality, pornography, sexism, writing, and lots of other stuff.

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