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Adventurotica is dedicated to being the premier place on the web for adventure, action, and erotica. While other fiction sites may post a bunch of fragments and six-hundred word stories with characters you don't care about, we produce epic adventure novels that never fade to black when the action heats up. Award-Winning author Paul D.Batteiger and award-winning author and artist Amanda Gannon have combined their powers to bring you what no one else does: Exciting genre stories of fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk with real characters, tight plots, and plenty of hot, hot sex. When we say erotica, we don't mean the soft-focus slow-motion kind either, we mean the kind of erotica where the heat between characters smokes off the page. We don't give you one measly update a week either. Here you get three chapters a week, updating on Mon/Wed/Fri without fail. That's 30,000 plus words a month, bringing you swordfights, airships, magic, and all the hot fucking we can cram in. Twice a week we also publish articles on topics like sexuality, pornography, sexism, writing erotica, and lots of other topics. Our name is a new word and it means just what it sounds like: Adventure and Erotica.

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Online novels, stories, and articles on erotica, sexuality, and writing.
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