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Pride & Prostitutes - Free
Pride and Prostitutes Dolores and Delilah are twin sisters who couldn't be less alike. One is the sheriff's virtuous and wholesome wife, the other is the madam of the greatest whorehouse in frontier Kansas. Through mishap and misadventure, they must both assume the identity of the masked vigilante Black Lash! Hold on to your hats, this is one wild Western ride with bandits, brawls, gunfights, and lots and lots of sex.
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# Chapter Title Author
1 Secrets, Lies, and Sunday Dinner Adventurotica
2 Kiss of the Lash! Adventurotica
3 Hello, Dolly Adventurotica
4 Mysteries of the Black Lash Adventurotica
5 A Close Shave Adventurotica
6 Guilty Pleasure Adventurotica
7 Deputy and a Half Adventurotica
8 Big Trouble in Little Dolly Adventurotica
9 Trouble Coming Adventurotica
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