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Witches' Mark - Free
When Stormy inherits responsibility for her grandmother's magical estate, she also inherits an ancient rivalry. Stormy's a witch, but has never been trained, and now she must face her grandmother's murderer, a man allied with a destructive power so ancient it doesn't even have a name. With only a groundskeeper, a bookseller, and a couple of unreliable teenagers for help, she must defeat the charismatic and seductive Thomas Winter, who is bent on having the secrets of Willowsong Hall, as well as Stormy herself. Prepare for sex magic, double-crosses, dark secrets, and sexy sacrifices as Stormy tries to resist the power of the Witches' Mark!

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# Chapter Title Author
1 The Calling/Winter at the Gates Amanda Gannon
2 Willowsong Hall Amanda Gannon
3 What Dreams May Come Amanda Gannon
4 The Secrets of the Moon Amanda Gannon
5 Sting in the Dark Amanda Gannon
6 Deus Sex Machina Amanda Gannon
7 Rough Magic Amanda Gannon
8 Scry, Scry Again Amanda Gannon
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