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The Fox's Tale - Free
Running from a forced marriage, country witch Shayrin and her fox familiar seek their dreams among the acting guilds of the grand city of Avallon. As captain of the palace guard, Lanner has no time to produce an heir, nor for House rivalries as the succession approaches. Decadent and dangerous from its highest towers to its darkest underworld, Avallon is no place for good girls or honest men.

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# Chapter Title Author
1 Chapter 1: Fox Country Amanda Gannon
2 Chapter 2: Tail and Tale Amanda Gannon
3 Chapter 3: The Wedding Plotter Amanda Gannon
4 Chapter 4: Wolf in the Folds Amanda Gannon
5 Chapter 5: Menagerie Amanda Gannon
6 Chapter 6: Bad Taste Amanda Gannon
7 Chapter 7: Fox Run Amanda Gannon
8 Chapter 8: A Very Bad Man Amanda Gannon
9 Chapter 9: Saber Rattling Amanda Gannon
10 Chapter 10: At the Fucking Opera Amanda Gannon
11 Chapter 11: Sharks in the Waters Amanda Gannon
12 Chapter 12: Fox Fur Amanda Gannon
13 Chapter 14: Down the Foxhole Amanda Gannon
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