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The Red Winter Queen - Free
The Red Winter QueenYgraine lives imprisoned in her dark tower, far in the north of the world.  Her mother is the powerful Red Queen, who holds the kingdom in her relentless power.  Over years Ygraine learns magic and mysteries, discovers her own strength, and learns the terrible fate her mother holds in store.  In the end she must challenge the Queen for freedom, and for her very life.  A dark and erotic fable of a Huntsman, a Princess, and her mother, the Red Winter Queen.

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1 Chapter 1: My Princess in the Iron Tower Paul D. Batteiger
2 Chapter 2: My Huntsman of the Burning Spear Paul D. Batteiger
3 Chapter 3: The Bones of My Enemies Paul D. Batteiger
4 Chapter 4: Dark Idol of My Demon There Paul D. Batteiger
5 Chapter 5: My Heart's Winter Treason Paul D. Batteiger
6 Chapter 6: When Her Hunting Song Was Heard Paul D. Batteiger
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