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The Golden Mask

In a time of airships, decadence, and splendor, a mad king rules, justice is in chains, and the people live in fear. Count Varian's has played the part of disaffected noble long enough, and now he must play the part of hero. He becomes the Golden Mask, anonymity his only shield against a traitor's death. Ambrel has returned from long exile, driven by rage to avenge the destruction of her house. As Lady Fox, she harries the corrupt nobility, seeking the heart of the conspiracy that destroyed her family. Against them are those who now rule from the shadows: the king's advisor Urza, who has the kingdom wrapped in his shadowy web; and Raziel Morningstar, who enforces Urza's will with fire and sword and cruelty. Both are said to possess unnatural powers, and are hungry for more.

In a country in need of heroes, who has courage to answer the call?

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# Chapter Title Author
1 Chapter 1: Masks at Midnight Paul D. Batteiger
2 Chapter 2: All Is Vanity Paul D. Batteiger
3 Chapter 3: Morning Star Paul D. Batteiger
4 Chapter 4: Wild Ride Paul D. Batteiger
5 Chapter 5: Fraught With Dark Power Paul D. Batteiger
6 Chapter 6: Black Councils Paul D. Batteiger
7 Chapter 7: Flesh and Wine Paul D. Batteiger
8 Chapter 8: Dancing Too Close Paul D. Batteiger
9 Chapter 9: Negotiations Paul D. Batteiger
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