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Imperial Blood - Free
The dread Emperor Acrisius rules over his vast empire from a dark palace at the northernmost part of the world.  Once every hundred years, he sends for a girl of royal lineage to be brought to his court.  When Sibylla is called, she does not know what will become of her.  She fears it will mean her death, but she finds herself entangled in the trajic life of the Dark Lord - who lives on blood, destroys all he touches, and yearns for a lost love he can never regain.  He will seek make her his, and if she is to remain herself, she must resist.

Garath, the knight who loves her, dares all to follow her into the north, willing to brave darkness, cold, and terror to save her.  He falls into the hands of Minaraja, the Emperor's first bride, a creature of deathless cruelty and unending spite. Roused by his youth and beauty, she seeks to break his spirit with pleasure and terror.

Sibylla and Garath must find their own ways through this dark place of intrigue, passion, and death unending.

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# Chapter Title Author
1 Chapter 1: The Farthest Shore Paul D. Batteiger
2 Chapter 2: See Me In Shadow Paul D. Batteiger
3 Chapter 3: The Human Stain Paul D. Batteiger
4 Chapter 4: This Barren Skin Paul D. Batteiger
5 Chapter 5: Tales of Submission Paul D. Batteiger
6 Chapter 6: The Dark Lord Paul D. Batteiger
7 Chapter 7: The Dead of Winter Paul D. Batteiger
8 Chapter 8: Black Prophecies Paul D. Batteiger
9 Chapter 9: Last Drop of Blood Paul D. Batteiger
10 Chapter 10: I Have Lain With The Wolf Paul D. Batteiger
11 Chapter 11: Blood Passion Paul D. Batteiger
12 Chapter 12: Devil's Hour Paul D. Batteiger
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