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Too many times "Online Books" means a bunch of crappy scans of some old public-domain hackwork or stuff written by someone who should never be allowed to write anything. Not here. Here at Adventurotica we have serialized Online Books written by award-winning authors with exciting plots, heart-pounding action, and hot, explicit sex. No more neutered books that fade to black or lapse into awkward metaphors when the going gets hot - here we give you just what you want. Real stories with real characters and all kinds of hot, hot fucking. Here we do serialized erotic fiction, and we don't give you one measly update a week either. Here you get three chapters a week, updating on Mon/Wed/Fri without fail - almost a novel's worth each month. Fantasy, steampunk, witches, demons, and high adventure is what we offer, plus characters getting down and dirty. Twice a week we also publish articles on topics like sexuality, pornography, sexism, writing erotica, and lots of other topics. So when you think "Online Books", you should be thinking Adventurotica.

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The best place for erotic Online Books

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Online Books with action, adventure, and sex