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Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande
Sky Pirates of the Rio GrandeEden Kane is just a lowly clerk with the Department of Hazardous Artifacts in 1867, but she yearns to be more.  When she sees an opportunity for advancement, she takes it.  And needing a helping hand, she frees Zenobia Santiago - a criminal tiger-woman who has been imprisoned for years.  Together they head West, braving dangers and villains, to finally seize the secret of the Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande.
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21 Chapter 21: A Deception, an Alliance, and an Outrage Paul D. Batteiger
22 Chapter 22: An Impasse of the Hispanic Persuasion Paul D. Batteiger
23 Chapter 23: An Elaborate Account of Distressing Violence Paul D. Batteiger
24 Chapter 24: A Lesson in the Art of Self-Defense Paul D. Batteiger
25 Chapter 25: Aboard a Ship of Libertines Paul D. Batteiger
26 Chapter 26: A Paradise for Vermin Paul D. Batteiger
27 Chapter 27: A Convocation of Vipers Paul D. Batteiger
28 Chapter 28: A Bad, Inconstant Woman Paul D. Batteiger
29 Chapter 29: A Hideous and Ingenious Scheme Paul D. Batteiger
30 Chapter 30: An Affair of Dubious Advisability Amanda Gannon
31 Chapter 31: A Most Unsatisfying Engagement Paul D. Batteiger
32 Chapter 32: A Choice Between Equally Unappealing Options Paul D. Batteiger
33 Chapter 33: The Shameful Abuse of a Stalwart Heroine Paul D. Batteiger
34 Chapter 34: A Scene From Which We Shall Avert Our Eyes Paul D. Batteiger
35 Chapter 35: An Honorable Gentleman Terribly Misguided Paul D. Batteiger
36 Chapter 36: A Revelation of Unexpected Poignancy Paul D. Batteiger
37 Chapter 37: Entreaties Which Fall on Deaf Ears Paul D. Batteiger
38 Chapter 38: An Awkward Position Indeed Paul D. Batteiger
39 Chapter 39: An Inspiring Display of Character Paul D. Batteiger
40 Chapter 40: A Determination to Never Surrender Paul D. Batteiger
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