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Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande
Sky Pirates of the Rio GrandeEden Kane is just a lowly clerk with the Department of Hazardous Artifacts in 1867, but she yearns to be more.  When she sees an opportunity for advancement, she takes it.  And needing a helping hand, she frees Zenobia Santiago - a criminal tiger-woman who has been imprisoned for years.  Together they head West, braving dangers and villains, to finally seize the secret of the Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande.
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# Chapter Title Author
41 Chapter 41: A Host of Unfriendly Reptiles Paul D. Batteiger
42 Chapter 42: The Tiresome Ranting of a Black-Hearted Villain Paul D. Batteiger
43 Chapter 43: A Most Timely Rendezvous Paul D. Batteiger
44 Chapter 44: An Indulgence of Indecent Impulses Paul D. Batteiger
45 Chapter 45: A Most Shameful Moment of Licentiousness Paul D. Batteiger
46 Chapter 46: A Moment of Breathless Anticipation Before the Tempest Paul D. Batteiger
47 Chapter 47: An Almost Physical Sensation of Pleasure at the Prospect of Battle Paul D. Batteiger
48 Chapter 48: An Episode of Inspiring Courage Paul D. Batteiger
49 Chapter 49: A Frightfully Violent Interlude Paul D. Batteiger
50 Chapter 50: An Uncivilized Negotiation Paul D. Batteiger
51 Bonus: A Three-Way Conjoining of Our Cast of Villains Paul D. Batteiger
52 Bonus: A Victory Celebration Paul D. Batteiger
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