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The Fox's Tale
Running from a forced marriage, country witch Shayrin and her fox familiar seek their dreams among the acting guilds of the grand city of Avallon. As captain of the palace guard, Lanner has no time to produce an heir, nor for House rivalries as the succession approaches. Decadent and dangerous from its highest towers to its darkest underworld, Avallon is no place for good girls or honest men.

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# Chapter Title Author
41 Chapter 41: Double Foxed Amanda Gannon
42 Chapter 42: Fox in the Gryphon House Amanda Gannon
43 Chapter 43: Morning Glory Amanda Gannon
44 Chapter 44: Tipping the Vixen Amanda Gannon
45 Chapter 45: The Plot Hardens Amanda Gannon
46 Chapter 46: Truth Between Wolves Amanda Gannon
47 Chapter 47: Non-Diplomatic Intercourse Amanda Gannon
48 Chapter 48: Dragon's Lair Amanda Gannon
49 Chapter 49: Dangerous Desires Amanda Gannon
50 Chapter 50: The Actor, the Prince, his Wife and her Brother Amanda Gannon
51 Chapter 51: Bad to Worse Amanda Gannon
52 Chapter 52: Fox Run Amanda Gannon
53 Chapter 53: Fox 'em All Amanda Gannon
54 Chapter 54: Reluctant Dragon Amanda Gannon
55 Chapter 55: Bad News Travels Fast Amanda Gannon
56 Chapter 56: Cornered Amanda Gannon
57 Chapter 57: Wolf Trap Amanda Gannon
58 Chapter 58: Imminent Death Amanda Gannon
59 Chapter 59: Wolf Blooded Amanda Gannon
60 Chapter 60: After All Amanda Gannon
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