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Queen of the Sky Frontier
When Eden Kane defeated Captain Dire, she became ruler of the Brethren of the Sky. With enemies on both sides, she must hold the empire she has won from those who would take it from her. Captain Black's Renegades are massed behind Captain Dire's untested daughter, Azrael Dire. Captain Hood gathers his strength in the wild northlands, ready to seize power with his dreadnought airships. Even Eden's own followers, the pirate fleet of El Dorado, may turn on her at the slightest sign of weakness.  With nothing but courage and her Experimental brain, Eden must fight to be Queen of the Sky Frontier.

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1 Chapter 1: The Further Adventures of an Admirable Heroine Paul D. Batteiger
2 Chapter 2: The Arrival of an Heir Apparent Paul D. Batteiger
3 Chapter 3: The Shameful Delights of the Lawless Rabble Paul D. Batteiger
4 Chapter 4: The Collusion of Amoral Mountebanks Paul D. Batteiger
5 Chapter 5: A Re-Acquainting With Old Companions Paul D. Batteiger
6 Chapter 6: A Distressing Encounter With a Lustful Brute Paul D. Batteiger
7 Chapter 7: A Gathering of Frightful Blackguards Paul D. Batteiger
8 Chapter 8: Ill-Met Scalawags in a Drowning City Paul D. Batteiger
9 Chapter 9: The Welcome Return of a Dashing Rapscallion Paul D. Batteiger
10 Chapter 10: An Unpleasant Interlude Featuring Dubious Wildlife Paul D. Batteiger
11 Chapter 11: The Airship Capital in the Middle of Nowhere Paul D. Batteiger
12 Chapter 12: Night as a Mask for All Manner of Evils Paul D. Batteiger
13 Chapter 13: A Remarkable Woman of Angelic Aspect Paul D. Batteiger
14 Chapter 14: Moral Corruption Aboard an Airborne Palace of Sin Paul D. Batteiger
15 Chapter 15: In Which There is a Lack of Honor Among Thieves Paul D. Batteiger
16 Chapter 16: In Which the Flower of Womanhood is Put to Venal Purposes Paul D. Batteiger
17 Chapter 17: Sailing on a Ship of Iniquity and Moral Lassitude Paul D. Batteiger
18 Chapter 18: A Most Unlikely and Fateful Crossing of Paths Paul D. Batteiger
19 Chapter 19: Sadly Resorting to the Use of Violence Paul D. Batteiger
20 Chapter 20: Hooliganism and Outright Barbarity Paul D. Batteiger
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