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Queen of the Sky Frontier
When Eden Kane defeated Captain Dire, she became ruler of the Brethren of the Sky. With enemies on both sides, she must hold the empire she has won from those who would take it from her. Captain Black's Renegades are massed behind Captain Dire's untested daughter, Azrael Dire. Captain Hood gathers his strength in the wild northlands, ready to seize power with his dreadnought airships. Even Eden's own followers, the pirate fleet of El Dorado, may turn on her at the slightest sign of weakness.  With nothing but courage and her Experimental brain, Eden must fight to be Queen of the Sky Frontier.

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21 Chapter 21: Delicate Negotiations Under False Pretenses Paul D. Batteiger
22 Chapter 22: Questions That Are Not Meant To Be Answered Paul D. Batteiger
23 Chapter 23: A Return to the Paradise for Brigands Paul D. Batteiger
24 Chapter 24: The Very Pit of Decadence Paul D. Batteiger
25 Chapter 25: Yet Another Gathering of Criminals and Scofflaws Paul D. Batteiger
26 Chapter 26: The Revelation of a Tragic Arch-Fiend Paul D. Batteiger
27 Chapter 27: In Which Deceptions Are Laid Aside Paul D. Batteiger
28 Chapter 28: The Treachery of Friends and the Loyalty of Enemies Paul D. Batteiger
29 Chapter 29: A Disagreement that Borders on Physical Paul D. Batteiger
30 Chapter 30: A Regrettable Stab in the Back Paul D. Batteiger
31 Chapter 31: The Unwelcome Return of Men of Evil Intent Paul D. Batteiger
32 Chapter 32: In Which Turned Coats Come in Many Colors Paul D. Batteiger
33 Chapter 33: The Revelation of an Unexpected Alliance Paul D. Batteiger
34 Chapter 34: The Remnants Left by the Cruelties of Fate Paul D. Batteiger
35 Chapter 35: In Which a Tigress is Roused to Anger Paul D. Batteiger
36 Chapter 36: In Which a Character's True History is Revealed Paul D. Batteiger
37 Chapter 37: In Which Plans Are At Last Laid Bare Paul D. Batteiger
38 Chapter 38: A Long-Awaited Reckoning Paul D. Batteiger
39 Chapter 39: The Gallantry of a Dastardly Rake Paul D. Batteiger
40 Chapter 40: The Improper Attentions of a Proper Monster Paul D. Batteiger
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