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Queen of the Sky Frontier
When Eden Kane defeated Captain Dire, she became ruler of the Brethren of the Sky. With enemies on both sides, she must hold the empire she has won from those who would take it from her. Captain Black's Renegades are massed behind Captain Dire's untested daughter, Azrael Dire. Captain Hood gathers his strength in the wild northlands, ready to seize power with his dreadnought airships. Even Eden's own followers, the pirate fleet of El Dorado, may turn on her at the slightest sign of weakness.  With nothing but courage and her Experimental brain, Eden must fight to be Queen of the Sky Frontier.

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41 Chapter 41: An Ironic Reversal of Fortunes Paul D. Batteiger
42 Chapter 42: The Execution of Our Indefatigable Heroine Paul D. Batteiger
43 Chapter 43: A Time for Tears and Recriminations Paul D. Batteiger
44 Chapter 44: An Enterprise of Great Pith and Moment Paul D. Batteiger
45 Chapter 45: An Hour Come 'Round At Last Paul D. Batteiger
46 Chapter 46: Iron Ships in a Sky Full of Fire Paul D. Batteiger
47 Chapter 47: An Exceedingly Great and Bitter Day Paul D. Batteiger
48 Chapter 48: Far From the End of the World Paul D. Batteiger
49 Bonus Scene: Lesbian Pirate Inferno Paul D. Batteiger
50 Bonus Scene: Ambush Paul D. Batteiger
51 Bonus Scene: Amends Paul D. Batteiger
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