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Lots of times, when you look for Sex Stories, what you want is a quick wank. But what if you want more than that? What if nameless characters and faceless couplings aren't doing it for you anymore? If you want Sex Stories that are just like a real story, only with explicit sex, then this is where you want to be. Here at Adventurotica we don't just write Sex Stories, we write real stories with plot, character, and plenty of action in - and out - of the bedroom. We've got swordfights and monsters, witches and demons and airships. Oh, and sex, lots and lots of sex. Around here we don't fade to black when the clothes come off, and all the sticky, juicy sex you can only imagine in your favorite mainstream novels is depicted in loving detail. We don't give you one measly update a week either. Here you get three chapters a week, updating on Mon/Wed/Fri without fail. That's almost a novel's worth of words every month, bringing you swordfights, airships, magic, and all the hot fucking we can cram in. Twice a week we also publish articles on topics like sexuality, pornography, sexism, writing erotica, and lots of other stuff.

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