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The woman in the header.
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Written by Amanda Gannon   
Monday, 26 September 2011 23:23
Designing the header for this site was an interesting experience.

I like to think that we cater to a more intelligent, sophisticated, open-minded audience, but a header makes a strong first impression, and no matter what solution I would have preferred, what really mattered in terms of getting the job done was, and is, how it is perceived by others.

Which is why I worried myself sick over whether or not to use a human being in the header.  Our work is meant to appeal to both men and women, ergo, I wanted to include a man and a woman, but there wasn't room.  Left with the choice of only one, I felt driven to choose a woman, and then felt so disgusted by the whole issue I made a header with no people in it at all, so that I could try to figure out what I want to do without delaying the site launch into perpetuity.  And I am still wrestling with it.

Unsafe Sex Fantasy
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Written by Paul   
Thursday, 22 September 2011 01:20

Something that gets brought up again and again in pornographic depictions of sex is the question of "safe sex", and it really is a bit of a thorny issue with a lot of sides to it, but I myself come down on one, as I will enumerate.

It's a bit of a hot-button issue in visual porn right now, and I had a whole couple of paragraphs about it, but decided it was too big for just a casual mention, and only tangential to my point.  Suffice to say condoms and safe sex are a big deal in IRL porn because they involve actual human beings engaging in actual risky behavior.

But artistic depictions and written porn both differ in that there is not an actual person performing an unprotected sex act.  Characters on a page can do whatever you want them to do without fear of any consequences you do not decide to inflict on them.  As an author you have control over everything.  No actual people are at risk in any way, so the question is: do you have an obligation or a responsibility to depict safe and responsible sex practices?

Yes means yes, No means no, and Fantasy means Maybe: the issue of consent in fiction and fantasy
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Written by Amanda Gannon   
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 02:44

Warning for not-very-in-depth discussion of rape fantasies.

Disclaimer: Just in case I have to say this, real-life rape is wrong.  Period.  Rape fantasies and ravishment fantasies are incredibly common, and there is nothing wrong with having them.

I have been asked many times to explain the difference between a ravishment fantasy and a rape fantasy, or a ravishment scene and a rape scene in erotic fiction.  I think it's an issue worth addressing.

Ravishment is a staple of romance and erotica, and this is never more true than in kinky erotica.  Fiction is a safe way to play with desires that would get someone hurt – or justifiably arrested – if they actually tried to go there.  Fiction is a first-class ticket around taboos, around moral objections, around the ugly reality of the world we live in.  Fiction allows us to fantasize safely, and it's important to be able to do that.

But why do we find some fictional ravishment sexy and fun while other fictional ravishment strikes us as upsetting and icky?  And why is one person's sexy, fun ravishment another person's hard limit?

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